Product List

Picture Description Dash Size Price Finishing
Tank Tank 3/8" port $34.00 Chrome
Black Tank Black Tank 3/8" port $35.00 Black
Whammy Tank Whammy Tank 1/2" Port, with chrome super hex plug and rods set $205.00 Chrome
Whammy Tank 3 Port Whammy Tank 3 Port 3/8" Port, with chrome super hex plug, rods, 2 gauges $255.00 Chrome
Tank Rods Tank Rods a set - 4 pieces $12.00/set Chrome
Whammy Tank Rods Whammy Tank Rods a set - 4 pieces $30.00/set Chrome
Piston Tank Rods Piston Tank Rods 5/16" diameter a set - 4 pieces $40.00/set Chrome
Tank O Ring Tank O Ring 5" diameter $5.00 Chrome
Backing Plate Backing Plate $38.00 Chrome
Bladder Bladder 5/8 metric thread $85.00 Rubber
Two Tank Plate Kit Two Tank Plate Kit Rods, Hex Plug 3/8" $165.00 Chrome
Backing Plate Bullet Backing Plate Bullet A set - 4 pieces $24.00 color - Blue, Green, Red, Golden

The above unit price is subject to change without notice, and the actual price is based on the order size.

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